What’s the difference between spaghetti and spaghetti code?

A new article by Ars Technica suggests spaghetti code is far less useful than the traditional code that compiles to static code and provides a convenient and extensible way to execute code.

The article explains how spaghetti code can be used to achieve the same functionality as static code in JavaScript, while still having the ability to run on Windows, macOS, and Android devices.

“When you want to execute your application, you need a way to communicate with it.

For example, you might want to communicate to the UI a list of all the items on your app, or to the backend a list with a timestamp of how long it took to execute,” it explains.

“These kinds of messages are a fundamental part of any good web application.

To ensure these messages are delivered reliably, you can’t just rely on a message queue, but instead need to use some kind of messaging system that provides a way for a user to request that a message be delivered.

This type of message system is called a Message Queue.”

The article goes on to explain how to implement a message system using spaghetti code.

“Using spaghetti code to execute JavaScript code is often a simple enough task,” it continues.

“However, it’s not always easy to write spaghetti code for a number of reasons: a) you can run into trouble if you’re not careful about the code that’s being used to build the spaghetti code; b) spaghetti code has been known to break applications; and c) there’s a large number of spaghetti code libraries available.

So, if you want a straightforward way to run a spaghetti code program, you may want to use a library that’s been around for a long time.”

The code itself, of course, is usually a subset of the JavaScript, and so the article explains that using a framework to define the framework is a way of avoiding spaghetti code in the first place.

“A common example of a framework-agnostic framework is the Bootstrap Framework, which is a collection of JavaScript libraries and components that were developed by Bootstrap,” it says.

“Other common frameworks include jQuery, Bootstrap.js, Bootkit, and other common libraries.”

It continues: “In the case of spaghetti, the spaghetti that’s used in a framework is usually called the runtime.

When a runtime is compiled and executed, the runtime compiles the code, and then executes the code in a way that will not cause spaghetti code errors, so it will always be a static library.”

The articles conclusion suggests that the use of a runtime to compile a spaghetti-like code is a good practice, but it doesn’t recommend that the developer use it as a default method of running a spaghetti application.

“You can also use the runtime to execute static code that has been designed for the framework that you’re working with,” it concludes.

“For example, if a user is creating a new application, they can simply specify the runtime and a message will be delivered to the runtime that will contain the code for the app.”

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